6 Best Handheld Electric Milk Frothers

While a steaming wand arching off an intimidating espresso machine is the weapon of choice for serious coffee lovers, it is often times an impractical suggestion for someone who just wants to have frothed milk for their coffee.

Maybe you have no need to have your coffee forced through coffee ground with high pressure, maybe you find it ridiculous to spend money on an espresso machine when you don’t drink that much of it anyway, maybe there is simply no space on the kitchen countertop to place an espresso maker, maybe you are afraid of the steam from a wand, and maybe you just like you milk frothed.

There are various reasons why having a milk steaming wand at home makes no sense, especially when they almost exclusively come with an espresso machine.

In this case, a hand held milk frother will be just the device for you.

We actually have them in the cafe for just-in-case scenarios.

Should a black out occur due to a power outage and patrons walk in demanding lattes, cappuccinos and mochas in the dark, at least we can still whip out the lovely hot beverages with a manual grinder and battery-operated electric milk frother.

Just kidding… we have backup power installed in a planned set up.

Before we go on, keep in mind these basic tips on milk frothing.

  • Cold milk is best as it gives more time to froth before it gets too hot
  • Full cream milk tend to produce the best texture and consistency
  • It’s better to use more rather then less even though it might produce wastage
  • If temperature is a criteria you are after, then use a proper milk frothing thermometer
  • Ideally the whisking head should be just below the surface of the milk

Which is the best handheld electric milk frother? Here are 6 you need to take a look at.

1) Powerlix Milkpro

The Powerlix comes with a soft black ergonomic handle that also serves as it’s housing.

It’s amazingly low noise 19000 rpm motor is powered by 2 AA batteries.

While a durable stainless steel whisk rounds up the item’s main components.

A stainless steel stand is included so that it can be easily kept and cleaned.

Cleaning is as easy as running it in hot soapy water for a while.

What I really like about handheld frothers other automatic milk frother is that they allow the user maximum maneuverability like a regular steaming wand. In fact, it might actually offer more versatility than a wand due to it’s portability.

With the Powerlix, you should able to transform a cup of plain boring milk with one drowning in froth and brimming with foam in about 20 seconds.

At under $15, if you are undecided, going with this proven product is really a very low risk decision.

2) Aerolatte original

Aerolatte is one of the brands that is fairly well-known in the specialty coffee appliances industry. Partly for it’s easy-to-remember brand name.

While their handheld electric milk frother is initially meant as a supplementary accessory for their range of coffee making product line, this item took off (pun intended) as a product of by itself.

One big attribute for the success of this mini kitchen device is that it comes in a metallic look with a finish somewhere between chrome and matte.

This product is named the original steam free milk frother. In reality, I have absolutely no idea whether they pioneered this or it’s just a marketing play.

Anyway, I particularly find it a generous gesture by providing 2 AA alkaline batteries that comes in the package.

I find that this is standard industry practice these days. So merchants choosing not to include them get demerit points from me.

The shaft and spiral whisking head is made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, while the metallic looking handle is made of ABS plastic.

It’s not smart at all to build the whole product in metal as it will be used to work on hot beverages. And with how well metal conducts heat, it not a good idea to have the fingers of customers burnt by the hot temperature traveling upwards via the metal material.

There is also an optional add-on of a stand where the device can be positioned upright for storage and display.

According to Aerolatte, this device is perfect for fresh, full fat, semi-skimmed, and skimmed milk. It has also been tested with goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and soya bean milk, Powdered and UHT milk, with no problems.

I guess they missed out almond milk.

There’s also a variant set of handheld milk frother with stand in ivory color if that appeals to you. This variant has a stand that holds the device from the handle like a toothbrush stand.

Then there’s a deluxe version that also come with a stand that looks stunning.

3) Elementi

This frother from Elementi is one of the best selling in it’s category and come with a stylish elegant appearance.

Available in two colors of black or red, this product offers the basics with little gimmicks.

No marketing fluff, no attention seeking labels, and no batteries included.

Which is probably the reason why the company is able to offer this product at a comparatively low price compared to the competition.

It easily offers the best value if that’s what you’re after.

It also comes with a stand, and a button to switch on/off.

4) matchaDNA

I don’t really know how this name was conceptualized, but in terms of price and practicality, this handheld frother from matchaDNA is almost impossible to beat.

It’s the best budget handheld milk frother there is.

It’s handle cum body is blocky in shape resembling an oversized car key from the mid 2000s. And comes in one color of white with a green logo printed at the end of the handle.

As expected, batteries are not included. And when you purchase them separately, they can be easily inserted by sliding the battery compartment door open at the tip of the handle.

As I mentioned previously that the one from Aerolatte don’t say whether it performs well for almond milk, I think it’s only fair that matchaDNA clearly states that it works for almond milk.

To tell you the truth, after testing this product, I must say that it’s performance levels are not compromised even though it is the cheapest model among those we’ve looked at.

So kudos to matcha.

However a characteristic I just can’t seem to get over with is how “regular” it looks.

5) LinsnField

This product is included here due to how unique it is compared to the rest.

It is like any regular handheld milk frother except that it comes with a cover, or storage tube as they call it, that full encloses the shaft for safekeeping.

When kept in the storage tube, it resembles a fat pen with cap.

This also enables the device to stand upright for storage without needing a separate stand.

Perfect for accompanying you on your travels to make hot chocolate for breakfast.

To open, pull off the tube cover to reveal the whisking head. And to close, just put the cap on and hear a click.

However, the biggest disadvantage of it is that it requires 3 AAA batteries for it’s engine to turn on.

The whole package comes in a trendy and attractive gift box containing:

  • The item itself
  • A storage tube
  • A brush
  • 2 whisks

Have I mentioned that it has a very sleek design as well?

If you are getting one of these appliances as a gift for a friend or loved one, this model from LinsnField should definitely make it on your shortlist.

6) TravelManor

Another model that I just have to add to the list is this wonder frother from TravelManor.

Among it’s unique features are 2-speed function and being rechargeable with a micro USB port.

This instantly makes it a premium handheld milk frother. And the price validates that.

The low speed is at 13000 rpm and high speed at 15000 rpm respectively. While you will need to buy your own AA rechargeable battery.

It does work with regular dispensable batteries, but why go that route when you have one capable of recharging?

With a long shaft, you can dig into the milk as deep as you want and easily reach any spot as you deem fit.

And it can be used for mixing fruit drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, eggs, soups, cocktails, dressing, etc. Basically it can be used for all liquid foods.

The package comes with:

  • The device itself
  • A single coil whisk
  • A double coil whisk
  • A stainless steel stand
  • A USB to Micro USB cable

It is the only frother here that comes with a double coil whisk head. And it’s detachable when you need to change to the single coil.

While this is comparatively more expensive than the other models reviewed here, it’s price is still affordable.

And depending on your required features, I actually find that this model offers great value for the features, accessories, and flexibility.

It comes with a 1 year warranty too.

Which frother to buy?

We mentioned earlier that we have one of these gadgets sitting in the cafe. And that is the Powerlix Milkpro.

But I must admit that I might have gone for another model if I knew what I know is available in the market now.

If you are going for low price practicality and getting the job done, then the one from matchDNA is hands-down the tool of choice.

But if aesthetics is a big deciding factor, then I must say that the one from Aerolatte is simply gorgeous.

If features is on top of your concerns, then nothing beats the device from TravelManor.

As a gift, the premium box that comes with LinsnField is ideal. This is also the best portable milk frother for travel too.

Otherwise, Powerlix and Elementi strikes a nice balance between performance and beauty.

If you want to know which handheld milk frother I’d go for if I don’t already have one of these gadgets… I’d go all in and take TravelManor for a spin.