The Yield

The yield when mentioned in the coffee brewing process refers to the amount of resulting beverage produced.

And this in turn, is measured by the weight of the drink which consist of water and coffee that is dissolved.

Because coffee starts to be diluted as extraction is prolonged, the coffee flavor of a drink tends to be more dilute the higher it’s coffee yield. read more

Bar Pressure

Bar is a unit used in the measurement of pressure.

1 bar of pressure is equivalent to the natural atmospheric pressure at sea level.

However, not all countries around the world recognizes it’s usage in official measurements. read more

Espressione 8212S Concierge Review – A Powerhouse With A Baby Face

As an old-fashioned barista, if given a choice of an espresso machine between one with the classic look of a portafilter attached to the group head or one of those modern looking machines with a tube-like dispenser, I would select the former without needing to think.

This is why there was a lack of excitement when I was given the opportunity to give the Espressione 8212S a try.

This is a fully automatic espresso machine with a downward coffee spout which looks like it belongs in fast food restaurant. read more

Full Immersion

Full immersion describes the filtering brew methods of coffee whereby the water and coffee are together during the duration of the brew.

Most coffee brewing methods uses full immersion.

The obvious category of brewing that leans away from full immersion is the pour-over method. read more