Mueller Ultima Coffee Maker Review

I really don’t know how these k-cups entered the mass market. But there is a whole slew of coffee machines getting on the market as if manufacturers expect every person to have one like a smart phone.

And the trend don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

I can see the advantages of coffee, tea and other beverages blast-brewed with k-cups.

They make quality hot beverages that used to be beyond the reach of the average household, they look seductively sophisticated, and can be a conversation piece these days as they have yet to become a norm in residential kitchens.

I’ve witnessed countless conversations between a guest and a homeowner about these machines.

While most consumers still believe that drink capsules of a particular brand needs to be matched with the coffee machine of the same brand, this is not necessarily the case.

K-cups for example have a host of coffee makers that are tailor made for them.

One of such is the Mueller Ultima coffee maker.

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Build quality

From the front view the Mueller Ultima coffee machine looks like one of the launch sites of NASA getting ready to fire a spaceship into the atmosphere.

It has an unmistakable modern look to it, but when we compare it to the other kcup coffee makers in the market, it’s design aesthetics probably don’t match up to it’s competitors.

Yet design is a subjective thing. So while it might not have the appearance that is outstanding to me, you might find it gorgeously attractive.

To each his own.

At 8 x 11.5 x 14 inches, it is actually of a smaller size than many other machines that does the same tasks, if not less features.

So this product might suit those with limited space on the counter.

It has a body made of plastic but feels sturdy with a tight grip to the counter.

It’s also available in one color combination of gray and white.

Features of Mueller Ultima

  • Fits 1.0 and 2.0 k-cups and most other types of coffee pods
  • Capable of brewing hot drinks in 5 sizes
  • Large removable water tank with 45oz capacity

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Should you buy the Mueller Ultima

With no intention of blowing my own horn, I must say that I am a more advance coffee lover.

The Ultima was a machine I was considering when my previous one broke down as if by design as soon as the warranty expired. I won’t say which model it was out of respect to manufacturers.

A friend of mine was gracious enough to bring this to the cafe for me to try out. And I have to admit that while it did brew good coffee from the capsules as expected, it just didn’t wow me as much as I would have liked.

But I understand that I have seen a lot in this industry. And maybe that’s why the anticlimax.

However, I can see this as a great entry product for those who are getting one of these coffee machines for the first time.

I’ve tested 5 different pods on the machine and it works well, quietly going about it’s business of making hot drinks.

It is noticeably quieter than most machines.

It has a nice speed that takes approximately 20 seconds before it is ready to brew. And don’t make as much a mess as some machines which I have witnessed.

It is not cheaply made like those knock-offs in the market, yet not priced as high as the premium ones that are selling features rather than functionality.

I have to acknowledge that the best part about Mueller Ultima is that it is easy to clean.

If you are like me, who hates the look of gunk collected in these types of machines, you would be relieved at how practical the removable tank and tray makes cleaning a breeze.

Just remember to read the instructions.

I can also see this item being a dependable worker in the home kitchen for those who just wants one of these things for it’s main functionality without any desire for fancy features.

So if you are getting your first kcup beverage machine and not seeking one that is top-of-the-line, this is one that will not disappoint.

It would probably last for a good few years… just until you are ready to buy one that blows you away.