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9 Step Guide To Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping is the coffee bean’s version of wine tasting.

It is essentially an industry-wide practice that enables one to measure and control the quality of coffee beans, by comparing them with each other.

Roasters, distributors, importers, baristas, or even professional cuppers. You name it. read more

Secura SWO-3N Electrical Wine Bottle Opener Review

If you have ever tried your hand at opening a bottle of wine, you’d know how much a struggle it can be both physically and emotionally.

Physically, you just know that you have the human strength to pull the cork out of the neck, but you need finesse as much as power to coax it out. You don’t know where or how to focus your muscles. And one wrong move might even cause a loose grip and smash the bottle of heaven on the floor or against the table.

Emotionally, you want to get it done with as much grace as possible since drinking wine is supposed to be a “classy” thing. But the longer you struggle with extracting a cork, the more stress it would show on your face. read more

Espressione 8212S Concierge Review – A Powerhouse With A Baby Face

As an old-fashioned barista, if given a choice of an espresso machine between one with the classic look of a portafilter attached to the group head or one of those modern looking machines with a tube-like dispenser, I would select the former without needing to think.

This is why there was a lack of excitement when I was given the opportunity to give the Espressione 8212S a try.

This is a fully automatic espresso machine with a downward coffee spout which looks like it belongs in fast food restaurant. read more