Espressione 8212S Concierge Review – A Powerhouse With A Baby Face

As an old-fashioned barista, if given a choice of an espresso machine between one with the classic look of a portafilter attached to the group head or one of those modern looking machines with a tube-like dispenser, I would select the former without needing to think.

This is why there was a lack of excitement when I was given the opportunity to give the Espressione 8212S a try.

This is a fully automatic espresso machine with a downward coffee spout which looks like it belongs in fast food restaurant.

Yet even though I cannot see myself making this item a resident appliance at home, I can see some very big reasons why it can be the perfect addition for some households.

Here’s why.

Features of Espressione 8212S Concierge

  • 19 bar pressure
  • Touch key LED panel
  • Comes with adjustable frothing nozzle
  • Temperature regulating mechanism
  • Built-in coffee grinder
  • 7-inche body width
  • 1.2l water tank

Should you buy the Espressione Concierge 8212S

One of the challenges of these bean to cup coffee machines is that they can quite considerable in size.

In addition to that, their body shapes can be quite odd.

These two factors can make it difficult for a homeowner to decide where to place it in the kitchen so that it blends nicely into the interior design.

This is also why espresso machines such as the Barista Express often find themselves as the center of attention in a kitchen. Not because the owner intended it, but because they just simply cannot be dovetailed into the design of the kitchen.

The Espressione 8212S has this unique characteristic of having a small 7-inch face and a squarish body.

These dimensions allow it to be placed in between other appliances nicely like a fitted glove.

Weirdly enough, this unique feature is one of the big selling points of this fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine.

When we consider that a grinder is packed into this monster, then the 7-inch width helps to saved so much space in the modern kitchen as appliances line up next to each other against the wall.

But what I absolutely love about this product is that it is simplicity at it’s best on the outside, but a beast of a machine on the inside.

Too often, espresso machine designers try their best to make their products look mechanical and alien so that consumers would perceive it as of higher tech and therefore higher value.

Not only does these fancily designed machines cause confusion among the average coffee lover, the oddly shaped machines have various indents that make cleaning a chore.

Espressione Concierge is basically shaped like a miniature tower building with essentially smooth surfaces on all sides except the face where the spout and frothing mechanism is.

The benefit of this is that cleaning the surface would be a breeze.

You can basically reach the whole surface of one side with a single wipe. No need for digging into groves and curves when housekeeping.

It also automatically cleans in internal tubes before and after making a cup of aromatic coffee for you.

While I can see this simple box design as being a disadvantage to those who love to play with such equipment, I see it a big advantage for those who would just like a quality brew without the bell and whistles that comes with a fancy appearance.

There are 3 brewing modes, all with auto shut-off features.

It just serves good coffee while looking exceptionally normal. No wonder it is appropriately named Concierge.

Just set it up on the counter space. And it would be like a servant quietly waiting for your orders without stealing any attention with it’s appearance.